“You Can Insult Me, But Don’t You Dare Insult My Husband”

Newly married nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has issued out a strong warning to cyber bullies who are fond of insulting her and pulling down celebrities to desist from adding her husband to their list.

Anita married her husband in February 2020 and in no time, the troll games have begin. It is not known the exact reason why she and the husband has been trolled on the gram but she has warned them in a latest video she shared on her page.

The actress said that anybody could come for her but not the love of her life.


“Respect is Reciprocal it’s simple as that…

It’s okay for you to insult me, or call me names, but don’t insult my husband, the love of my life, the love of my kingdom. See, you can do anything to me, but you see this man, don’t ever try it with him.” 

Watch video below: