Ahuofe Patri was sacked from University of Cape Coast for consistent Exams failure – Report

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Ghanaian actress Priscilla Opoku Agyeman has no doubt made a name for herself in the media space since she got into the limelight with Kofi Asamoah’s Boys Kasa series.

Many of you might not know that behind her success, she was kicked out from the University of Cape Coast(UCC).

According to reports, the actress before attaining fame was a student of UCC but got kicked out because she failed in an examination.

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Per the directive from the Institute of Education, all students in the Colleges of Education who have failed a paper previously should be withdrawn immediately without the possibility of ever writing a re-sit examination.

Students who wrote the re-sit examination and failed it again and students who because of one reason or the other were not able to “register” for the re-sit examination are also being sent home because of this directive.

A typical example of a said student affected by the ”harsh directive” saw him expelled from the premises of campus after chalking a grade E in one of his papers despite performing above average in all the others.

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However, this is not the case with the Untrained Teachers. With them, they are allowed to write re-sit examinations until they are able to pass which means they can make unlimited attempts at rewriting those papers.

Now let’s continue Ahoufe Patri got admitted into UCC in 2009 but failed to move to level 200 because she failed a paper in level 100.

She was then asked to take a resit. Unfortunately for her, she could not meet the requirements for her resit therefore, leading to her misspell from the university.

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Despite Ahoufe Patri being sacked from UCC for academic failure, the whole world knows her.

This is great lessons for those who think the determinant for their success in academics.