Duncan William’s son shares a photo of himself smoking a cigarette

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The son of popular Ghanaian preacher Archbishop Duncan Willaims, Daniel Duncan Williams has shared a photo of himself smoking a cigarette.

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He was seen with a scarf tied around his head, in a black singlet top on a pair of jeans with a silver chain around his neck and a stick of cigar stuck in between his fingers.

Daniel Duncan captioning the photo shared wrote; “You asked to see the boss so they sent me dawg… woooooop’”


The picture after it surfaced on the internet has garnered serious reactions from social media users and some religious personalities.

alpha.nathaniel: “oh my guy, they’ve started writing about you. Son of etc… ?”

harrywilkesii: “Looks like your at Belmont bay in VA. Dope spot. One of my fav chill spots bro”

Latty_45: “Who’s son is this”

Wezzy7yt: “Is it not Dunca’s son”

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The majority has expressed shock at the sight of a pastor’s son (not just any pastor but the most respected one) smoking a cigarette and proudly sharing a photo himself.