Hon Aponkye Very Angry, Threatens To Sue AY Poyoo For Using His ‘Aponkye’ Title

Nana Adabor Ibrahim Isaah Ampim popularly known as Hon Aponkye is very angry at fast-rising social media sensation, AY Poyoo who calls himself ‘The Face of Ghana Rap’ .

According to Hon Aponkye, Ay Poyoo has been calling himself Aponkye and he’s not happy with that at all.

In an interview with Joy News, Honorable Aponkye expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that AY Poyoo is riding on ‘his alone’ slogan, Aponkye to gain fame, and he’s very ready to sue him because he has registered his Aponkye title.

Here is the Video;

It seems this Coronavirus era, is an era of beefs!