Fella Makafui Shares Old Photo, Replies Sister Derby’s Claim That She Motivated Her To Do

According to a fan of Fella Makafui, Fella Makafui is the one who made him realise Sister Derby is a singer and that Fella Makafui is a career resurrection agency.

A Fella Makafui fan tweeted at Sister Derby that, “I never know Sis Derby was a singer till Fella came in the line. #carrier resurrection agency”

Then Sister Derby replied that, “When you are too dumb to realise #SweetEx  pushed traders to try and make music.”

Well, Fella Makafui is back to reply Sister Derby’s claim that she motivated her to start music. Fella Makafui shared a 2014 photo, and captioned it,

Nothing westlife no go see for Empty Street😩🤣🤣 2014 i guess …back then i wasn’t even a trader”