‘Ara B Is The Father Of Shatta Wale’s Son, Majesty’

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US-based Ghanaian social media commentator, Archipalago has made a weird and controversial claim about the paternity of Shatta Wale’s most cherished child, Majesty.

Every Ghanaian knows that Shatta Wale is the father of Majesty, however, Archipalago is now claiming Ghanaians have been deceived big time.

This unverified revelation comes after Shatta Wale insulted Archipalago’s mother in their renewed brawl.

According to Archipalago, Shatta Wale’s former SM member, Ara B is the real father of Majesty.

What Archipalago is saying might be true since he and Shatta Wale were once best friends to the point that they even recorded a song together.

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