Randy Abbey reacts to player salary cut saga

Randy Abbey
Randy Abbey

Randy Abbey, a member of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), has called on local clubs to consider slashing player salary due to the Coronavirus.

With the lack of football activities in the country, local players have been implored to consider welcoming pay cut to ease the financial burden on their clubs in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Executive Council Member and owner of Divison One side Hearts of Lions, if the clubs are losing their main source of revenue which is the gate proceeds “then why should we begrudge them for trying to take such a step in balancing their books.”

Mr Abbey added that even the wealthy clubs in Europe and elsewhere are taking steps to slash player salaries, then why shouldn’t it be replicated by the financially handicapped clubs.

“I hear people make the arguments and sometimes you hear them say, what the players take is meagre so we shouldn’t look at it,” the former GFA Communications Director told Nhyira FM.


“That is a very simplistic way of looking at it. At the end of the day, those jurisdictions rolling out pay cuts also look at the financial capabilities of the clubs.

“So even with wealthy clubs, they are looking at pay cuts, what about clubs that cannot even make ends meet? You cannot make a meaningful discussion when you isolate one side of the equation,” he said.

He added that the salaries of the local players are a true reflection of the financial status of the league and the clubs.

“If a Division One club makes GHS500 or GHS1,000 from the gates at the end of a match, how do you expect players in that league to be also paid? How much?

He asked: “So, you cannot just look at how much the players earn; what about how much the clubs also earn?”