Varieties Of Animals Take Over The Streets In Various Cities Around The World As People Going Into Mandatory Self-Isolation (photos & video)

The current situation in the world has made it impossible for humans to go about their normal businesses. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in the world, people have been advised to self-isolate themselves with the aim that it will reduce the number of infections.

Well, it seems one creature’s poison is another’s beef as animals are making use of the opportunity to visit the cities.

Some of these animals have come to big towns and cities in search of food. Other animals were also seen roaming about as if the pandemic won’t come to an end.

We have some few photos from these cities. Check them out;

Wild boars were also spotted on the streets of Barcelona

Deers took to the streets of Tokyo as humans were on self-isolation

In Thailand, quite a number of monkey were seen on the streets in search of food