Medikal’s management team clashes with Sowutuom Concert’s victim’s brother on Asempa FM [Video]

The Management Team of Medikal, represented by one Mr Nhyira, has debunked accusations directed at them by the family of a fan who got injured at Welcome to Sowutuom concert organised by their camp.

In an interview on Asempa FM‘s Tête-à-Tête show with host Prince Tsegah, Mr Nhyira said their camp took responsibility by settling some of the hospital bills of the victim, Frank Arhin, but had no idea he was still in the hospital.

According to Nhyira, they had an agreement with Arhin’s brother, Eric, who is currently taking care of him, that they would share the discharge bills, but after a while, they weren’t hearing from them anymore hence thought they had left the hospital.

Frank Arhin's buttocks with a huge sore at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
Frank Arhin’s buttocks with a huge sore at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

But Eric, on the same platform rubbished Nhyira’s claim with the point that he had no agreement with Medikal’s management team concerning the bills.


He explained that at a point, he had to plead with the pharmacists and other health workers at Korle-Bu to provide free services to his sick brother.

Frank Arhin

Mr Arhin, has developed a huge sore on his buttocks; blood-flow in his arms has slowed by the day and he can neither breathe properly or walk except to sleep on his side, a fate he suffered when he decided to attend the rapper’s Welcome to Sowutuom concert last December.

Reports from the concert suggest the witnessed the collapse of fans who were standing close large speakers that fell on them.

Frank was one of the unfortunate victims of the speakers’ fall as fans standing close to the stage collapsed during the show.

The speakers fell when Shatta Wale mounted the podium to perform some of his popular songs.

Watch the video above.