Updates From Ministry On Covid-19 Measures

  1. Security services will approach this lock down with a humanitarian face
    It’s not a war
    Police will take the.lead and GAF will support
  2. Report early.if you have any symptoms
  3. All bars and nite clubs are to remain closed during the lock down
  4. Don’t hold back critical information …. Every citizen must help.in this fight
  5. Restaurants and other food deliveries are to operate online
  6. Non food dealers are to stay at.home
  7. 31 COVID patients are been treated from home in isolation from their families
  8. Hospitals are to give priority to COVID 19 issues
  9. Exempted institutions like manufacturing companies and even that only critical workers

Have your IDs on you always

Staff buses must be used by exempted institutions
These buses must have special stickers provided by the security services

  1. Restrictions are for Accra …Kumasi……Kasoa areas for now
    And no travels from or to the restricted areas during the lock down
  2. 2000 Security personnel to be deployed during the lockdown
  3. The local area waakye seller will be still allowed to sell
  4. Markets will remain opened
    Do essential purchases in your local areas
  5. Government workers to work remotely from home
  6. Only critical cases will be attended to in the courts
  7. Media is exempted from the lock down
    But must carry staff ID card at all times and must be in branded vehicles or apparel
  8. There will be a naval contingent at sea
  9. Air force personnel will air lift essential medical supplies
  10. Financial institutions must rationalize their operations and minimize workers coming to work
  11. Ports remain open for public business
    But only critical workers

Staff IDs must be on you always

  1. Those using public toilets must proof enough that … thats where they are going and nowhere else
  2. GPRTU…to ensure social distancing in vehicles by reducing the numbers per car
  3. Private security services are exempted from the lock down but must be in Uniform and have ID cards always
  4. ALL category of health workers are exempted from the lock down
  5. ALL other operations are in force by the Security services eg. Operation CALM Life(Night patrols to combat armed robbery)
  6. Security personnel will be professional in their duties and citizens must comply to security directives
  7. ALL borders still remain CLOSED
  8. National COVID 19 Trust fund inaugurated chaired by former Chief Justice Sofia Akuffo
    Individuals are to freely donate to the fund

President Akuffo Addo & the Vice President Bawumia have donated their 3 month’s salaries respectively into the fund already to help our the most vulnerable in these times

  1. Guinness Ghana has made available 1500 cases of MG PET to all frontline workers fighting COVID 19
  2. Citizens must.provide the necessary information to help fight the spread of the virus and stay home