(Photos) Men Release Screenshots Proving That Ghanaian Ladies Are The Worst Texters In The World

Several men from different parts of the world have released evidence to back their claim that ladies from Ghana are the worst when it comes to texting.

It all started when popular socialite, Nungua Cardi B who tweets with the handle, @elly_serwaaa posted that guys should drop pictures that prove that Ghanaian girls are the worst texters.

The responses were chaotic and revealing indeed.

Out of close to 100 responses and counting, more than 90% of the ladies used only the words (kk, k, yh) to engage in their conversation.

Some ladies even listed 4syte tv, Adom TV, Max tv etc as favorite shows.

Some guys got just a ‘k’ after writing essay with Shakespearian Engling

The truth is, no girl is a bad texter. While she is acting boring in your DM, she is busily doing the most in another guy’s inbox. If she is not interested in the friendship, she will do everything possible to thwart the conversation.

For the rest of the screenshots, kindly follow the comments on this tweet below;