Giuseppe Berardelli, The Priest Who Gave Up His Respirator To Save A Younger Patient

Don Giuseppe Berardelli, 72, is the latest hero in Italy. His name will go down in the history books of Italy after he gave up his respirator to save the life of a younger patient and died afterwards.

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Giuseppe went his way to make the toughest and most heartwrenching decision a person could ever make. The catholic priest imitated Christ his saviour by laying down his life for an unknown person.

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According to WBTV, Giuseppe had been battling respiratory issues which forced his parish to buy him the respirator to help him breathe. The priest got infected with the virus and found himself next to a younger patient who was battling with his life. Giuseppe who has the heart of God and love for humanity asked for his respirator to be given to the young patient. He died shortly after this heroic act.

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Photos of the priest has since gone viral and is being celebrated worldwide.