Demand for he-goat genitals (brokos) khebab on the rise

Entertainment of Saturday, 29 February 2020



He-goat genitals khebabplay videoHe-goat genitals khebab

Usually when you visit a khebab stand, you are greeted with different variety of meat – goat, cow, sausage, gizzards etc, but for Mohammed, specially known as the ‘Brokos man’, the testicles of goats and cows are his specialty.

Strategically positioned at the Ministries area in Accra, Brokos Man tells Ghanaweb that business is good, and he gets patronage from all manner of buyers, from married and single women, old and young folks.

He says his special way of preparing the ‘brokos’ (testicles) is what has earned him the popularity he enjoys.

Mohammed reveals that women who buy and eat his ‘brokos’ hardly give their husbands any problems at home.