‘You Are A Thief If You Only Text A Certain Guy Because You Want Something From Him’

A beautiful lady on social media has labelled ladies who are fond of calling certain guys only when they need something as thieves.

We definitely know that most guys would be supporting her as this may be one of the things they will be expecting to hear from ladies.

This lady identified as Auntie Kiki indicated that ladies who text guys only when they need favours from them are nothing but thieves.

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In her view, as a woman, it doesn’t cost one’s life to become an entrepreneur stating that one can start by becoming an instant noodle seller.

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She urged ladies to start working and stop bothering their guys with unnecessary stuff.

She said:

“Auntie Kiki wants to clear a couple of things for you guys okay? I’m not going to be harsh on anybody. I’m just expressing a couple of truths. Young ladies, if you only text a certain guy because you want something from him, look at me I want you to know, you are a thief, big thief.”

Source: www.ghgossip.com