6 Injured In Bloody Abattoir Clash In Kumasi

KUMASI Abattoir remains on edge after a third time of bloody violence between
two factions battling for leadership of the slaughterhouse left six people
injured on Tuesday morning.

factions, each led by their leadership, slugged it out and pelted themselves
with stones, according to eyewitnesses.

were reports of machete brandishing and groups of men with sticks and stones
wandering the premises of the slaughterhouse during the facing off, while
visitors and customers ran helter-skelter for their lives.

people – eight from each of the factions – have been charged so far in the
violence that broke out around 11:30 am on the premises of the slaughterhouse,
the Ashanti Regional Police Command said.

Godwin Ahianyo, spokesperson for the command, said they were arrested for
disturbing public peace and later granted police inquiry bail pending their
processing for court.

to him, Alhaji Muntari Baturi and Alhaji Wahab are contesting the position of
chief butcher of the Kumasi Abattoir.

Ahianyo stated that the two had failed to adhere to instructions by the Ashanti
Regional Security Council (REGSEC) for each of them not to hold himself as
chief butcher, pending a report by a committee set up to look into the issues
surrounding succession plan.

Investigations are underway, he concluded.

From Ernest Kofi Adu, Kumasi