WHO appeals for $40m for DRC Ebola fight as coffers run dry

Cape Town – The World Health Organisation (WHO) has appealed for an additional USD40 million so that it can continue fighting the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

The organisation’s Ebola operation in eastern DRC’s conflict-ridden North Kivu and Ituri provinces was on financial life-support, the WHO said on Tuesday, adding that coffers would run dry at the end of February. 

“To maintain operations and prevent re-emergence of the outbreak, WHO is requesting funding. Under the Strategic Response Plan, WHO’s financial need for the Ebola response from January to June 2020 is $83 million,” said the organisation via a statement.  

Thanks to the generosity of many donors during 2019, it had some carry-over funding that was used to maintain operations through February 2020.  

“$40 million is currently needed to ensure continuity of response and preparedness activities to bring the case incidence to zero, and to continue building strong, resilient health systems,” according to the statement.