Another hospital for coronavirus patients completed in Wuhan – reports

Moscow – Construction for another temporary hospital for people infected with the new coronavirus, or COVID-19, in Chinese city of Wuhan has finished, and the facility should begin operating soon, media reported on Friday.

When the authorities in Hubei province, where Wuhan is located, realized in late January that the disease was rapidly spreading and becoming an emergency, they reorganized hospitals into specialized treatment centers and started building more facilities. Currently, 12 temporary hospitals for COVID-19 patients are operating in Wuhan​​​.

Construction for the new hospital, called Rihai, finished on Thursday, according to the Xinhua news agency. The facility will reportedly be able to receive 3,690 patients, which is the biggest capacity among hospitals of this type.

According to Wuhan Vice Mayor Hu Yabo, 19 more temporary hospitals will be built, thereby increasing the number of beds in Wuhan to 30,000.

The COVID-19 outbreak began in Wuhan in December. It has killed over 2,200 people and infected more than 75,500 in China, and more than 1,150 people have tested positive for the disease in at least 26 other countries.