IMANI petitions government over UNIPASS deal, describes it as ‘shallow and simplistic’

Business News of Tuesday, 18 February 2020



Alan John Kyerematen, minister of trade and industry

Policy think-tank IMANI has petitioned government of Ghana to institute a probe into the 10-year Uni-Pass contract signed between the Ministry of Trade and Ghana Link Network Services Limited in collaboration with their foreign partners Customs Uni-Pass International Agency (CUPIA) of Korea Customs Services to introduce Uni-Pass to the ports system.

According IMANI, the 10-year deal with Uni-Pass in March 2018 to provide single window services at the country’s ports, although two existing companies GCNet and Customs World (West Blue) currently operate the nation’s existing single window system is “quite shallow and simplistic.”

In a report, the think-tank said “Contracts covering contracts of significant size complexity are expected to be sufficiently detailed to contain all relevant information within one document so it can show as clearly as possible all pertinent issues under consideration by the parties and also express the rights and responsibilities in sufficient detail.

“For a contract of the magnitude of the UNIPASS contract, the brevity is worrying, so is the lack of detail. The pronouncements and warranties seem to have been made without connection to any proof of ability to perform or lien in default.”

Read the full report below: