How Paradise Estates Is Building Value For The People Of Abuja

Having successfully delivered over 500 homes since their inception, Paradise Abuja has saddled themselves with the responsibility to create homes with value for the residents of Abuja, putting them first in the hearts of everyone. Without the help of the government, they tarred a 1.8KM road leading to their Lifecamp Estate and its environs to enable easy accessibility for all their residents. They also built a bridge to grant access to over 200,000 people in the same community. 

How Paradise Estates Is Building Value For The People Of Abuja

Since they opened up their LifeCamp Estate, the area has become the most coveted amongst Abuja residents so much so that their estate sold out and in no time, they have embarked on the building of a new estate in the same area. They have assured their customers that those who buy from them would not only enjoy tangible value propositions but that their customers will also enjoy the ever-appreciating value of the homes they build.

Their modern and urban facilities such as 24-hour power supply, recreational centre, good drainage system, children’s playground, water treatment plants, supermarkets, Basketball and Tennis courts are proof that they are committed to delivering a convenient and luxurious lifestyle to their residents. 


At Lifecamp I, they promised value to their customers and delivered on their word. They maintained their delivery timelines and till date have successfully delivered over 1500 homes since their inception. Every client enjoyed a smooth and hassle-free process from the first call to the time they collected their keys. They believe in a comfortable yet stress-free process of owning your dream home for yourself and your family, delivering a luxurious space that makes you feel right at home. They have created flexible payment plans in order for you to experience superior luxury living today.

Getting a home right now with Paradise comes below the market value at N24 Million instead of the original price of N35 Million saving you about N10 Million already, your profits would be maximised due to their high appreciating rate of over 20-30% in the first few years of purchase and once you decide to sell the house you bought for N24 Million, you would be selling for about N45 Million!


Now is the time to key into their most recent offer; a 3 Bed Duplex at N2.99m Initial Deposit. 





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