“Even Beyoncé Doesn’t Write Her Own Songs” – MzVee To Critics » ™

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It may be easy to condemn modern music for such blatant repackaging when so many so-called artists don’t even write their own songs regardless you can’t blame them.

While others write and record their own songs with great talent and developed skills, some only possess the requisite voice and personality to sing and therefore depend on others to record songs.

Similarly, born Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda better known as MzVee, has revealed in a recent interview with DJ Roar, host of Council on Kessben FM, that almost all her chart-topping songs were written by others.

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According to MzVee, she doesn’t see that as a big deal as, like Beyoncé, she doesn’t write her own songs, but making the most money from the very songs being put together by others.

Besides, she doesn’t have the writing capabilities as compared to singing and performing. Therefore, she won’t stress herself on the writing aspect of music but only concentrate on her field (singing and performing).

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