Mozambique’s former prime minister Machungo dies in Portugal

Pretoria – Mozambique’s former Prime Minister, Mario Machungo, died on Monday in Portugal where he was receiving medical treatment, Mozambican media reported.

Machungo was born on December 1940 in Maxixe, in Mozambique’s southern province of Inhambane. 

From his days as a student in the Lisbon Technical University, where he obtained a master’s degree in economics in 1969, he was a clandestine militant of the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), according to online publication Club of Mozambique.

He worked as an economist in one of the main Portuguese banks, the Banco de Fomento Nacional, first in Lisbon, and then in Maputo, which was known as Lourenco Marques at the time.

His Frelimo membership reportedly became known after the fall of the colonial-fascist regime in Portugal on April 1974. In the transitional government set up after the independence agreement was negotiated in September that year, Machungo was appointed Minister for Economic Coordination.