GOIL Releases Higher Grade Fuel Today

GOIL Company
limited has released onto the market, higher grade petrol (RON 95) fuel type
for the benefit of the petrol consuming public.

RON 95 will from today
be sold country-wide at all of the company’s over 400 service stations at no extra cost to our cherished customers.

A statement by GOIL
said by this game-changing development, consumers no longer needed to pay a
higher price for any high petrol grade specification, saving the consumer significant
amounts of money.

The statement also
explained that with the release of the petrol stock, all consumers (and not a
few) would benefit from higher grade petrol that significantly boosted the
performance of all engines and kept engines clean of carbon deposits.

GOIL again
explained that with the introduction of RON 95 consumers would also experience
less vibration, less noise from their engines, get a better fuel economy and
better mileage for their vehicles at the same price.

GOIL has meanwhile
assured consumers that it will continue to have the interest of all customers
at heart and ensure they get value for money for every fuel bought at all its
service stations.