Gamey Offers To Mediate New Voters’ Register Impasse

Austin Gamey

& Co ADR Centre, a conflict resolution expert, has offered to mediate the
new voters’ register impasse between the two major political parties in the

statement issued in Accra and signed by Austin A. Gamey, Chairman of GCADR
Centre, said, “As a result of the position taken by the Electoral Commission
and the opposing political parties on the proposed new voters’ register which
has generated controversy and political tension in the country, and which, if
not handled with much care, the impasse has the potential of disturbing the
peace and security of the nation, it has become necessary for stakeholders to
reach an amicable solution.”

statement said “there is, therefore, the need for a professional mediation body
to intervene to assist the two sides to resolve the matter,” adding “in this
regard, the Gamey & Co ADR Centre has offered to conduct a Facilitated
Mediation which would help the Electoral Commission and the political parties
concerned to reach an agreement.”

said it has officially “notified the Electoral Commission and the parties concerned
of the offer, and the centre is awaiting their response.”

to their approval, the centre has proposed February 24, 2020 to hold the
Pre-Mediation Meeting with the respective stakeholders and the plenary session
the following day.”

on our long-standing experience and expertise, we are convinced that the
mediation would enable the two sides to effectively address their interests and
concerns for a solution that should be mutually beneficial to them and the
entire nation.”

offer the mediation as our corporate social
responsibility to mother Ghana, and trust that the Electoral Commission and the
concerned parties, who are interested in a peaceful electoral process, would accept
the mediation intervention,” the statement said, adding “we have high
confidence in the two sides to make it happen.”