Guy Snatches Girl From Another Guy With Just Ghc300 On Valentine’s Day‬

A single guy who was single on Valentine’s Day took a bold step and snatched another guy’s girlfriend from him with a pittance of just Ghc300.‬

‪Per reports, the guy texted the lady to find out if she was with her boyfriend. ‬

‪The lady identified as Ifeayomi responded in the affirmative but the guy insisted he was coming to pick her from her place so she should leave her boyfriend and meet her at the car park.‬

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‪She was still adamant about it until the guy requested her account number. The guy immediately credited her account with 20K Naira which is equivalent to Ghc300 with the current conversion rate.‬

‪She immediately accepted, left her boyfriend and went out with the guy.‬

‪The revelation left many people in shock wondering how a lady can be so cheap.‬

‪Many Ghanaians were also wondering if that is all it takes to snatch someone’s girlfriend in Nigeria.

Check their conversation below;