Teephlow opposes Medikal’s claim that other rappers lack uniqueness; fans call for beef

Teephlow Medikal
Teephlow Medikal

There seems to be a beef brewing between rappers Medikal and Teephlow as the latter has refuted Medikal’s theory on why most upcoming rappers never get their big break.

Medikal in a tweet linked the failure of most rappers in the game to their obsession to competition and impressing the masses.

The cash-rich rapper fancied uniqueness as a rapper to the unnecessary hunger to impress and compete with other acts.

This in Medikal’s opinion is the reason why most upcoming rappers fall off and never find their feet in the game.

His tweet read, ”Most of y’all upcoming rappers are trapped within the mindset of impressing and competition. You will always get the applause and cheers from critics but due to lack of uniqueness, your s**t will be stuck in your ass.”

However, Teephlow held a different opinion to Medikal’s stating that the competition was all part of the art.

The rapper who just released a studio album dubbed Phlowducation 2 added that the competition is as a result of a passion for the art, and asked Medikal not to discourage others with his fake sense of uniqueness.

”Its Called Passion for real Arts and poetry bro. if you not interested Don’t discourage others. We cant all Rap the same,” Teephlow responded.


Both rappers hold dissenting opinions about how to succeed as a rapper. What is your take on the matter?