Stop Divisive Activities, Support Nana To Succeed

Amma Busia 

Amma Busia, one of the influential and respected elders of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has taken exception to what she described as “divisive tendencies in the ruling political grouping” and called for a cessation forthwith.

Speaking to the DAILY GUIDE last weekend, she was emphatic in her stance when she observed that “following the assumption of office of President Akufo-Addo during his second term, some party supporters and activists have commenced activities which do not inure to the interest of the party.”

“This is not the time for party supporters and others to be fanning the embers of divisiveness,” she said, adding that “if you love the NPP you would not engage in the so-called Bawumia and Alan activities at this time. All we need now is total support by NPP faithful for President Akufo-Addo to accomplish his projects which are geared towards bettering the lot of Ghanaians.

“We are in new normal times when special initiatives must be brought to bear upon the running of government so that the drawbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic will be surmounted even as Ghanaians who voted for us are watching us.

“Already we have started seeing positive signs from the good policies being initiated by President Akufo-Addo even under COVID-19 conditions.

“I do not get it. Even when the President’s appointees have not yet been vetted by Parliament, people have started such divisive activities, some of them laden with very dangerous remarks,” she stated.

“The NPP is a party anchored on unity and discipline not such divisive activities,” she went on, adding, “Those who genuinely love the NPP should realise that now is not the time for such engagements. When the time is due we shall cross the bridge and with wisdom not with acerbic tongues which do not promote the unity which has enabled the NPP to survive machinations of her adversaries over the past years. We are where we are today because of this sterling attribute. I as an elder of the party hereby plead for cessation of such activities and rather direct our energies towards supporting the President to succeed. This is a potent way of ensuring another victory in 2024.”

Amma Busia as an elder of the NPP played critical roles during the turbulent period in the history of the party.

She was a Member of the Council of State and a sister of the late Prime Minister of Ghana, Dr. K.A. Busia, and is a trove of knowledge about the history of the party.

She continues to counsel aggrieved party supporters at her residence and supporting them where necessary. No wonder she is regarded by party supporters as a mother of the party whose gates are always open for them.

By A.R. Gomda