Kennedy Agyapong’s beautiful daughters reveal what type of men they want

Kennedy Agyapong daughters
Kennedy Agyapong daughters

Kennedy Agyapong’s beautiful daughters have made another catchy video and this time they disclosed some of their preferences.

In a ”This or That” Tiktok video, the ladies lined up and made their choices of various things displayed on the screen.

Their choices ranged from which of them are either the indoor or the fun type as well as their preferences between a relationship built on love or going in just for the money.

One that particularly caught the attention of many was their choices between dating Ghanaian men and being with men of other nationalities.

For a moment, all the ladies go for men from other nationalities only to change their minds and stick to men who share the same nationality as them- Ghanaian men.

Ghanaian men are up for a treat as these ladies have made it known that they are down with dating them.


Kennedy Agyapong has some very gorgeous daughters and that goes without saying.