Guru Insulted Me Consistently But Ghanaians Were Silent – Richie Mensah Speaks

Richie Mensah, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lynx Entertainment has finally spoken out about the brawl going on between his label signed artistes Kuame Eugene and NKZ crooner Guru.

The root cause of the braw is that, Guru and Richie friendship hit the rocks years back and while we thought they’ve settled or parted ways forever in the music industry, they have resurrected their beef again.

According to Guru, who has been loud of the situation wrote an epistle to Kuame Eugene advising him to take futuristic precautions when he tries to have situations with other musicians who are not in good terms with Lynx Entertainment because, he will not be the favorite of the record label forever and a time will come when he will need help from some of the musicians which Lynx Entertainment will create a banter between him and them.

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Guru’s letter, which he also shared on social media for huge audience was as a result of Kuame Eugene refusing to feature on his song simply because there is an unresolved problem between his boss Richie Mensah and Guru.

Yes, according to Kuame Eugene he turned down Guru’s request because he disrespected his boss Richie Mensah.

However, per Guru’s interpretation of Kuame Eugene’s decision to not work with him, The Rockstar thought he Guru was looking for a hit song that’s was why he contacted him.

Responding to Guru’s accusations and assumptions of Kuame Eugene’s decision, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment himself Richie Mensah said Guru has been disrespecting him for the past years and for that reason, there’s no way the two can work together especially with his signed artist when there’s a fence between their friendship.

Richie Mensha also accused Ghanaians that, they have displayed their hypocrisy in the glare of the public for hugely supporting Guru’s lamentations whiles they kept quiet when Guru was insulting him and creating bad publicity about him in the public.

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Taking to his twitter page, tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook post he made to explain the to the  knowledge of the public what really is happening between Guru and Lynx Entertainment and Kuame Eugene.

Below is Richie’s full post.