Popular Nigerian pastor sells pants and bra to the ladies in his church

If God is really going to start Judgement from the church just as the holy book says, then He’ll need to brace himself for impact. The pastors He charged to preach the gospel are now pant sellers. Something we never saw happen in the Bible.

A popular Nigerian pastor, J. S Yusuf of Touch Recovery Outreach International has shocked the media with news that he is selling branded pants and bra to the ladies in his church, all in the name of bringing them ( the ladies ) the right men to marry.

The pastor has his face printed on questionable spots on the pants and bra which is believed to bring good fortunes to these ladies. He preached to his female congregrants that the pants and bra will help facilitate their desire in marrying.

Again, it will protect them from contracting dreadful diseases and evil men who they come into contact with. As they walk about wearing the pant, the probability of them meeting their potential life partner is high.

Pastor Yusuf, preached the ” gospel according to pants and bra ” by making reference to the point where Moses had to go to the mountain to bring down the ten commandments, just as he has gone to bring down ” pants and bra “.