”A Lady I Slept With 3 Months Ago Claims She Is 5 Months Pregnant For Me”

A confused and unidentified man has sought help from Counsellor Abena Magis Manokekame as he doubts that the pregnancy of a lady he slept with some months ago belongs to him.

According to the distraught man, he slept with the lady three months ago but she claims her 5 months old pregnancy belongs to him.

To substantiate his claim, the man revealed to Counsellor Abena that he slept with the supposed lady on 27th October 2019 and it was the last time they had sex together adding that he cannot fathom why the lady will claim she is 5 months pregnant for him.

He revealed that the lady sent him the pregnancy scan indicating that she is 5 months,2 days pregnant and claimed that the pregnancy belongs to him.

The confused man asked the counselor if his sperms backdated since its exactly 3 months he has sex with the lady.

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Check out the man’s message to Counsellor Abena Magis Manokekame: