‘I’ve killed my son’: Teacher’s shock admission after cops break into her flat

A British mother shouted ‘I’ve killed my son’ as she was arrested for the murder of her two-year-old child, witnesses claimed.

Ayesha Ali, 35, who was working as a freelance English teacher in Finland, had been fighting her ex-husband for custody of their son Adam.

Miss Ali, who has a master’s degree in human rights and speaks six languages, was held on suspicion of murder after police broke into her flat and found her son’s body. Officers were called to Miss Ali’s flat in Espoo, 13 miles west of Helsinki, last Sunday.

A neighbour told how she heard another woman shouting in English from outside the block. She said: ‘There was a friend of [Miss Ali] looking up at her apartment while shouting, “Ayesha! We’re here to help you. We can talk about it”.