Marriage Is Overhyped; It’s Not As Rosy As People Make It Seem While You Are Unmarried

Every married person has his or her story to share as to what exactly it feels like been married. To Actor Ekow Smith-Asante, the concept of marriage is overhyped.

According to the actor who has been married for over 5 years now, marriage is not as rosy as people make it seem while you are unmarried.

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The ace actor who spoke to MzGee in an interview on Showbiz927 on 3FM said

Marriage is about ups and downs, ins and outs so if you don’t apply it carefully, you’ll think that marriage is nice and sweet. But when you stay with each other for a while and you realize the differences between the two individuals which notice from the scratch, you’ll realize very soon that you’re getting tired.” He stated

He however indicated that he wished he had married earlier.

“I actually wished that I had married earlier, before the stardom and everything. If you marry genuinely and nobody knows you as someone in the limelight, its a different ball game.”

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Ekow Smith further advised married men to stay off younger ladies as it can cause their downfall.

Source: MzGee. com