One Million Naira Richer – itel Mobile Rewards Customers In Awoof Promo

One Million Naira richer – itel Mobile rewards customers in Awoof Promo

Receiving a credit alert message that has a 6- zero digit at the end of a number can turn a frowning face to a wide smile, exposing those 32 teeth, a hungry stomach to a filled one, a homeless person to a house owner, and a dream to reality. It is a transforming moment everyone hopes to have, and luckily 3 Nigerians will always live to tell the story of the magical text that changed their lives, courtesy of Africa’s smartphone brand, itel Mobile.

Over the years, itel Mobile has been known to put smiles on the face of its customers, not only by providing a reliable smartphone for everyone but also through impactful campaigns that reward every itel user. 

One such campaign is the “itel End of Year Awoof Promo”, an initiative by the brand to celebrate its customers for their unwavering loyalty and love for the brand all through the year of 2019. The promo which ran from November to December 2019,  had customers purchase any of the itel smartphones in the Max-power series or selfie series, fill a raffle ticket, and stand the chance to win a million naira.

For an electronics technician like Adeyanju Femi, a resident of Ilorin Kwara State, Monday 20th of January would have been like every normal day until he received the news that he had become a millionaire in the ‘itel End of Year Awoof Promo’. ‘It is amazing how the last money I had on me made me a millionaire today. That fateful day, I used part of my last available funds to buy the itel smartphone. On getting home, my wife fought with me for using the money to buy a phone instead of foodstuff for the house. Today we can afford both the phone and a house full of food” Femi recounted cheerfully.

The 1ST runner up, Mr. Lucky, and 2nd runner up, Chief Ilelakinwa, who won a 5.1 inch smartTV and 3.1 KVA generator respectively, also shared in the joyous moment, expressing their heartfelt appreciation behind a delightful smile, that they couldn’t hide, as they walked into the itel Mobile office to retrieve their gifts.

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Speaking on the mega promo, Oke Umurhohwo, itel Mobile’s Marketing Communications Manager, West Africa, said: ‘A simple act of kindness can make a huge difference and that is what itel Mobile is doing. For us, it goes beyond providing a smartphone for everyone that is reliable, trendy, and pocket-friendly. We seek deeper to create opportunities for customers to become financially independent in a way that their needs can be met without a struggle’

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