Man Finds $27,000 At An ATM & Returns It To The Bank To Search For The Owner

An honest man identified as George Condash has shocked most internet users after his story went viral not long ago.

This young man returned a whopping $27,000 (N9,760,500) he saw very close to an ATM at a Michigan credit union.

Upon seeing the money, he drove to the Westland Federal Credit Union and returned the money.

George in an interview stated that when he placed the money on the counter, the staff members of the financial institution were very astonished.

Checks on the security video at the ATM showed a security guard getting boxes of cash from an armoured security vehicle. It was 20 minutes after that George was seen inspecting the box that was left behind.

The bank then rewarded the good man with an amount they did not disclose.

The bank manager, Alicia Stewart, however, said that if George had not returned the money, the bank would have retrieved the security footage from the ATM and tracked him down through his vehicle’s number plate.

In speaking about returning the money, George said the money was not his and that any honest person would have done the same thing he did.

Credit: CNN