Funny Face reacts to defrauding his US-based ex-girlfriend over $53,000 »

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We shared a story of Funny Face allegedly sued for swindling US-based woman. Well, in less than an hour Funny Face has reacted to this issue of defrauding his US-based ex-girlfriend.

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Funny Face in reaction to the allegations leveled against him took to his official Instagram page in a video to debunk all allegations defrauding his ex-girlfriend Mary Ama Boansi.

In the video, he assured his fans that he is in good standings and asked then not to panic or worry about this issue and that its nothing serious to be afraid of. He has everything under control.

Funny Face explained that he and Mary Ama Boansi broke up a long time ago and he doesn’t see the reason she will wait this long to speak about it.

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Check out the video:

“I am Kasoa Vandamm and nobody messes with me, so my fans….don’t worry at all. This is just a plot by someone to tarnish my image. My lawyers are handling it so don’t worry. And to you Ama be prepared I will take you down” he voiced out.