The art of kneeling to propose to a woman in igbo tradition means handing over control to her

Nollywood giant actor Peter Edochie has cancelled men who get down on their knees to propose to a woman. He has completely rubbished that act since it wasn’t traditional to do that as a man. An igbo man would never do that because it unacceptable.

The famous actor explained that according to the igbo tradition, any man, be it young or old, kneels down to propose to a woman has handed over power to her outright. The act changes the hierarichal status of the house. The woman now becomes the head of the house which shouldn’t be so.

Peter blamed the elders who sit to watch these happen in our communities. He explained that it is the duty of the woman to kneel before her man, not a man doing otherwuse. In the igbo tradition, a woman serves the husban palm wine to drink which means he has been accepted to the husband.

He made it clear that during his marriage, he never knelt before his wife because it not acceptable to do that as a man.