Prophet Nigel Gaisie profusely insults a fan who asked him a ‘silly’ question and blasts Kwaku Bonsam »

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In a live video sighted by .com, Prophet Nigel Gaise of Prophetic Hill Chapel has descended into the gutters with a social media user after he questioned him over why women were coming to his hotel room.

Recently there has been a lot of bashing on some men of God in the country and it seems Prophet Nigel Gaisie is not going to spare anyone that steps on his toes with any ‘foolish’ comment.

Prophet Nigel replied to the fan with an insult, he said: “who is that? do you want a goat to come? such foolishness, I wouldn’t give chance to anyone this time, I will not allow that to go on again”.

The prophet in the live video was not happy about the fact that Nigerians are dominating all the works at where he was(Gambia) thus there’s nothing Ghanaian and instead of Ghanaians to support their own they are rather backbiting and pulling others down.

“All the banks here are owned by Nigerians, all the works here for Nigerians. There is nothing Ghanaian instead of Ghanaians to support their own we destroy our own and rather backbiting and pulling others down, useless things…” he said.

Watch the video below:

The man of God also in his live video reacted to some comments from fans asking him about Kwaku Bonsam’s curse on him and Eagle Prophet. He said Nana Kweku Bonsam can’t curse him and Eagle Prophet because he(Kwaku Bonsam) doesn’t have the power and what it takes to curse.