Mineral Haulers Chase Ghana Manganese Over Debt

of the Ghana Association of Mineral Haulers are frustrated over the inability
of the Ghana Manganese Company to pay a debt they claim the company owes them.

to them, the company is indebted to them for a period of five months which translates
into some GH¢70,000.

have, therefore, appealed to the government to intervene in the matter to
ensure the payment of the money for the smooth running of their operations.

Public Relations Officer of the association, Michael Odonkor, in an address to
the media in Accra, claimed state institutions like the Ministry of Lands and
the Minerals Commission that are supposed to help the haulers have rather
failed them.

He said the institutions had willfully failed to act to promote the welfare of the haulers and that was affecting their activities.

BY Melvin Tarlue