Mayor Visits Minshee Free Creche

Mohammed AdjeI Sowah with Ms Georgina Omaboe

ADJEI Sowah, Mayor of Accra, recently paid a visit to the Minshee Free Creche
at Okaishie Drug Lane to applaud the founder of the
creche and see what kind of help the Assembly could offer to the facility.

mayor stated that the efforts of Georgina Omaboe needed to be commended because
at such a young age, she had been able to think of a way to help the less

said if every individual would follow in the footsteps of Omaboe, the poor in
the country could have some relief.  

behalf of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Sowah vowed to help the facility by
adding them to their welfare list and also with painting of the facility, among

(meaning Happiness) is a free creche facility set up by Omaboe to help infant
children of head porters (kayayei) in the business district of Accra, Makola,
get a safe place away from the hustle and bustle of Makola.

an interview, Omaboe mentioned that “growing up, she used to help her mother
out at her pharmacy shop in the Okaishie District. It was during that period
that she noticed that most of the children of the kayayei were normally behind
their parents, while they worked or they were left to play around the market.
She also mentioned that some of the kayayei that she was friendly with, used to
leave their children with her while they went to work.

this, she came up with an idea to set a sort of daycare for these children so
that they could get a place to come to everyday while their parents went out to
work. The facility in the beginning was funded by the family of Omaboe (her
family paid for the space that the creche is currently situated in) as well as
from Omaboe herself.

however mentioned that recently, she had set up a website and solicited for
funds from school mates (she currently schools in California).

hopes that she can get enough funding to make this creche bigger and hopefully
start sponsoring the kids when they get to primary, junior and senior high