I Will Never Reduce My Breast Size

Ghanaian actress Ella Mensah is proud of her heavily endowed breast and has vowed never to reduce it despite public pressure.

The outspoken actress has never hesitated to flaunt her endowed body despite continuous backlash from the public.

“Yes, I will consider cosmetic surgery along the way but not to reduce my boobs. My boobs were given to me by God for a reason, so why would I reduce them? There are so many women paying a lot of money to get what God has given to me for free. I will never reduce my natural God-given boobs.” She said

In an earlier interview with Delay, the actress admitted that she spent thousands of pounds on injections to lighten her skin.

She explained that her reason for bleaching was to gain her popularity in the movie industry.

Ella disclosed that she paid £2,000 for an injection which transformed her natural skin colour to her current skin colour.