President Muhammedu Buhari has ruled out opening Nigerian borders

The President of Nigeria, Muhammedu Buhari made it clear in his speech that he won’t open borders until matters are resolved. He said this during the bilateral meeting in London during the UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020 with President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana and other heads of state.

The president fully expressed his displeasure on how neighboring countries conduct business in Nigeria. He made it clear that the closure of the borders was not because of the smuggling of food products into the country but the smuggling of fire arms and illicit drugs.

The closure is for the protection of his citizens, mostly the youth because they are vulnerable. They can be manipulated to do things against their will. “we cannot leave our country, particularly the youths, endangered.”

He said:

“When most of the vehicles carrying rice and other food products through our land borders are intercepted, you find cheap hard drugs, and small arms, under the food products. This has terrible consequences for any country.”

Although the closure is affecting business owners in Nigeria and neighbouring countries but security comes first. People must be safe.

He cited other African countries who faced genocide and turmoil for years due to the influx of arms and drugs which were left unchecked.

He added that:

“We are in fact the biggest victims. We will get things sorted out. Our farmers, especially those who grow rice, now have a market, and are happy, and we are also concerned about hard drugs and weapons. Once the committee comes up with its recommendations, we will sit and consider them”

President Akufo-Addo, pleaded with him to speed up with resolving the border issues to help Ghanaian and Nigerian business owners conduct swift, secured and successful business.