Opposition party says Cameroon will not have free and fair elections

Cape Town – There are concerns about the fairness of Cameroon’s legislative and municipal elections to be held next month amid  a security crisis in the country’s English-speaking northwestern and southwestern regions, Turkey-based Anadolu Agency reported.

Njong Evaristus Ndim, a member of the main opposition Social Democratic Front, told the news agency that the February 9 vote would not have free and fair. In the country’s northwestern regions, the offices of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) which is in charge of running the ballot were not functional, he said.

Last week, separatists vowed to disrupt the polls, but the Cameroon government has promised to deal with troublemakers.

Armed separatist groups have threatened security in the country for more than three years. 

Anadolu Agency reported that in the weeks leading to the elections, the group had been trying to ban people from casting their votes.