Nollywood Actress, Biodun Okeowo Finally Shares Secret About Her Voluptuous Body

It is interesting to know that most women who have a very voluptuous body and curvaceous body are very confident to flaunt it.

Heavily-endowed Nigerian
actress Biodun Okeowo has a story to share with her experience of growing up
with a gifted shapely body.

The light-skinned screen
goddess has charming features that get all eyes on her anywhere she goes.

In a report by Sun News, she
shared how she has dealt with very frustrating and embarrassing moments and her
life as a celebrity.

Below is the
conversation she had with a reporter on Sun News

What would you say is the best lesson you learned in 2019?

Best lesson learnt in 2019 was that ‘we are all visitors in this
world and nobody is promised tomorrow’. So, we should always do good and live
everyday like it’s our last. It’s a lesson I learnt because I didn’t believe my
mom could die last year.

You have been scarce in movies lately, why?

It is a personal choice. Reason is that my business takes 70% to
85% of me, because that’s where the major money I make comes from. But this
year, I’m doing a cinema movie by God’s grace.

You recently unveiled your new office, how has it been?

Glory be to God. Business has been good. Skincare business is the
main thing now. I’m launching a bigger one soon by His grace.

Recently, you said that you were shy of your curves at an early
age; did you have any embarrassing encounter that led to such?

I never had any embarrassing moment per se. But I remember a
certain man that used to call me ‘Iya Iyabo’ in Kaduna then, because of my
massive hips. He was like ‘If you born, this your yansh go full everywhere o;
because you never born, the thing too big’. So, that made me conscious of my
shape; as skinny as I was then, my curves couldn’t be hidden.

Would you say your curves open more doors of favours for you now?

Curves opening doors? (laughter). I don’t even socialise. God has
been my door opener, not curves or anybody.

What do you do to maintain your looks?

I drink a lot of water. I exercise once in a while, though I am
getting lazy in that aspect. I also exfoliate a lot. And I moisturize too.
However, I don’t joke with my Organo white lotion and soap from Victoria’s
Beauty. I’m a fan of glowing skin. I take a lot of skin vitamins.

Do you sometimes get jealous seeing your colleagues excelling in
the movie world while you continue establishing businesses?

No! Not at all. I don’t see it that way. Let me explain to you how
I see it. We are all in a race to win a prize and then along the way, I saw
money and picked it up while others passed me by. As the journey continued, I
saw something nice and also picked it up. At the end of the race, my
contemporary came first and was presented the prize. But in my own case, I
completed the race and got two gifts to show for it. You can see that I’m still
at the winning end; it’s not how far but how well. So, I have no reason to be
envious. After all, I have made a name in the entertainment industry and needs
no introduction. I really don’t have anything to lose, no latecomer in success.

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You’re hardly spotted on the red carpets, are you also

It’s all due to my busy schedule, that’s all. It has even affected
my social media platform. For a while, my Instagram was dormant. But now, I
update it almost everyday.