NDC Promises Bloody Election Campaign

Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is promising a ‘bloody election campaign’ ahead of the 2020 General Election.

Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh, one of the heavyweights in the NDC in the Ashanti Region, recently urged Ghanaians to gear up for a bloody election in December.

In a frightening tone in Kumasi last Wednesday, the former MCE for Ejisu in the erstwhile NDC government threatened that his party (NDC) was prepared go to any limit possible, including shedding innocent blood, to win the elections.

The NDC ‘big man’ displayed his loathe for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) as he spilled more venom regarding how the NDC is planning to cause mayhem in the country soon.

Yamoah Ponkoh, who obviously was angry and panting for breath, issued the threatening words off air in the studios of PURE FM in Kumasi during the station’s Morning Show programme hosted by Kwame Adinkra.

His outbursts were captured on video and it has since gone viral on social media, attracting criticisms and verbal lashing from the public, including even NPP and NDC members, who love and cherish peace.

How It Started

The NDC man was said to have lost his temper after Paul Kwabena Yandoh, the Asokwa Constituency Financial Secretary of the NPP, had accused Kofi Job, a road contractor with leanings to the NDC, of performing abysmally in Kumasi so far.

Kwabena Yandoh, who was then speaking live on air, said Kofi Job, whose company is currently constructing Sokoban-Bosomtwe Road and Atonsu-Bosomtwe road, was on a diabolical mission to sabotage the NPP administration.

According to the NPP official, he was sure that Kofi Job clearly wanted to delay the projects so that it would create disaffection for the NPP government in its stronghold of the Ashanti Region ahead of the elections.

At that juncture, the programme went for a commercial break.

Bloody Words

Yamoah Ponkoh, who was fuming over the NPP man’s comments, could not wait for the programme to return on air to respond to Kwabena Yandoh’s accusations against Kofi Job. He started yelling unprintable words against the NPP.

In the studios of PURE FM, Yamoah Ponkoh threatened that he would violently deal with Kwabena Yandoh if he got the least opportunity, saying “Get close and you will see what I will do to you here.”

The NPP man, who was surprised at the threatening words that were being uttered by Yamoah Ponkoh then, in a friendly tone, asked “Yamoah Ponkoh, why are you so angry, do you have any special links with Kofi job?”

Yamoah Ponkoh responded with a barrage of insults, saying, “Big fool, if your party had paid him, he would certainly have delivered the road projects that you are sitting here complaining about.”

He continued to insult the NPP and its members, saying “Stupid fools, thieves” and other unprintable words off air. A female voice was then heard in the background calling for a ceasefire.

The NPP man, who had remained silent all this while, was then heard saying that “God is in control of the nation therefore Yamoah Ponkoh and his NDCs hankering to spill human blood and destabilize the nation would not work.”

Kwabena Yandoh said the NPP, as they are noted for, would as usual tackle issues peacefully during the campaign season without violence, adding that he doesn’t hate Kofi Job but he was only criticising his work.

The co-panelist said they would continue to explain government policies to the public to enable them to make informed decisions. He gave an assurance that anything untoward would not happen to the country in the course of the election.