Animals die of dehydration, starvation after fire ravages Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, South Australia – A heart wrenching picture of a koala sitting by the water beside another, deceased, koala has shone light on the dire situation of the wildlife survivors of the Australia’s Kangaroo Island bushfires.

As the search and rescue mission for the survivors of fires continues, an animal charity says the number of animals needing to be taken into care is increasing as starvation and dehydration start to hit.

The Humane Society International, which took the image, said the fact that they’re seeing koalas all over the island curled up and “shut down” like that one on the ground instead of in the trees was indication that a lack of food and water is taking its toll. 

There have been other animal carcases, like that of the dead koala in the water, littering the ground across the decimated bushland on the island.

Kelly Donithan, HSI’s disaster response specialist said they managed to rescue that particular koala and that she was doing well in the emergency rehab at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.