Mayweather teases Connor McGregor into fighting him again

Floyd Moneyman Mayweather set social media ablaze when he posted a picture of himself and UFC fighter, Connor McGregor in a potential rematch poster.

This came quicky after the UFC champ knocked out his opponent, Donald Cerrone, just 40 seconds in the ring of the UFC 246 main event in Las Vegas on Saturday. Floyd shared the poster to draw Connor into a match.

The last time they fought in the ring was August 2017. It was a massively hyped match in the history of boxing. After Mayweather won the match, both men talked about a possible rematch.

Information gathered is that, Mayweather Promotions and the UFC organizers are in talks for a show this year. The 42 year old boxer wants to hang his gloves in grand style.

He went on to share another poster but this time, teasing Khabib Nurmagomedov. What makes these posters believable and interesting is that, it has got the logos of all stakeholders and sponsors on it including dates bout may take place.

Check image below:

These will be the fight of the decade if organizers should agree.