Man Divorces Wife After Regaining Eyesight Because She Looks Ugly

The good book says, ” He who finds a wife has found a good thing “. Women were created to help man in his daily activities. There is a saying that ” behind every successful man, there is a woman “. In this case it is not so, a woman who stood by a man in his trial moments has been relegated to the back, her services is not needed anymore, neither would he like to ” see ” her because she is ” UGLY “.

Hear the cry of a young woman who is heartbroken. She stood by the husband who was blind for years and when the grace fell on him and regained his sight, he is seeking for a divorce!

This is not a man, this is something from the lineage of jezebel

According to him, the wife is not his type of woman, she is ugly and he needs to exercise his right to chase beautiful women he sees around.

The devastated wife took to social media to tell narrate her ordeal in a bid to get some good advice on what to do

Read her story below;

My name is Cynthia, I’m 36 years old and I got married to this man who I love not because of his money (we’re not rich though but we’re contented with what we have) but I love because I chose him from my heart. Although his parents begged me into marrying him but I still gave him love.

To cut all stories short, I married him a blind man and since then, due to the love I have for him I’ve been running helter-skelter to find a solution to his blindness. Two years later, he underwent surgery and God restored his sight. This money I paid for the surgery was money I borrowed from my company.

A week after he regained his sight fully, he didn’t started sleeping outside, I heard that he has been seeing ladies around. I never believed all these but if I don’t what reason do I want to give for him not coming home. So one day, when he came home, I sat him down and talked sense to him. I actually narrated the story of his life about how I suffered and gave him love when he was nothing. The words he said to me was that “Love is blind, and it’s because of his blindness that made him marry me an UGLY woman” he said his eyes are now opened and he can see a lot of beautiful ladies.

What do I do to this ungrateful man because all I can think of is to send him back to how he was before, because I’m already planning to pour acid on him to disfigure him back.

I need your advice, please?

What is your advice for her?