Coaches refuse national team job due to poor renumeration

Sports News of Sunday, 19 January 2020



Executive Council member of the GFA, Randy AbbeyExecutive Council member of the GFA, Randy Abbey

Some local coaches were said to have snubbed the opportunity to coach the national teams due to the poor financial package associated with it.

Even though the Ghana Football Association prefer to be mute on their identity, Executive Council member of the GFA, Randy Abbey, said it was a major factor for some local coaches to have turn down the job of handling some of the national teams.

Speaking on Joy FM sports programme on Saturday the ex-GFA spokesperson categorically stated that among all the coaches they considered for the various national teams job the issue of remuneration was strongly argued as the basis for rejecting it.

”There was no agreement in terms of the compensation package the person didn’t think that it was ok, there is another one which i think it’s also outstanding because the conversation around the financial issue is not been exhausted so that’s pending but one couldn’t pick it up because the person wanted more than what was offer for a deputy coach position”.

Touching on how much the coaches were expected to be paid the Kpando Heart of Lions boss said previous experience where the FA and the government were engaged in some disagreement over payment of coaches’ salaries because the FA announced the coaches’ salary before consulting the government has serve as a lesson for them not to repeat that mistake.

”You know that we’ve had issues with coaches of the other national teams, sometimes the deputy coaches of the Black Stars not being in the loop when it comes to compensation packages or salaries, so to speak.

“It’s been an issue and the last time the FA announced something like this i believe you know the issues around the ministry and therefore government saying that they were not aware.

“How can the FA go and take a decision and announce how much they were going to pay coaches when they who are expected to pay are not aware of it” he said”.

He explained that in order to avoid similar issue reoccurring the FA has engaged all stakeholders for their input before coming out with any figures but added that government had agreed to pay all the coaches.

”So what has happen this time is that the FA has engage all stakeholders extensively on the issue so in principle there is an agreement that, yes, all of them will be compensated.

“As we speak now the hierarchy of the FA is finalising the issue of the figures but the principle of all of them being paid has been agreed and approved by all stakeholders. What’s being finalised now by all stakeholders is the exact amount to be paid”, he added.