Forces Pay Regiment’s Artisans’ Office Commissioned

Col Wilberforce Seth Kwaku Agbee (Rtd), Lt Col Oswald Afotey Laryea jointly commissioning the project

The Forces Pay Regiment (FPR) of the Ghana Armed Forces
(GAF) has constructed a structure to serve as artisan offices, for the units’

project was conceived of as a means to addressing the congestion challenge
facing the unit and to ensure the efficient delivery of personnel.

commissioning was also part of the Regiment’s 2019 West African Soldiers Social
Activities (WASSA) programme which was under the theme “Delivering Innovative
and Efficient Service to Sustain the Morale of GAF Personnel.”

edifice contains an artisan general office, MT office, barbering and tailoring

the project, the acting Commanding Officer (CO) of the Unit, Lt Col Oswald
Afotey Laryea, said the new office complex would help create conducive
atmosphere for their working staff.

 “Now we can boldly say that there have been a
lot of improvements and projects, especially when it comes to the working
environment; we needed to make more room for people, than it used to be and we
have done a lot in that regard.”

CO said the vehicle access ways had resurfaced and the premises housing the
unit’s accommodation fenced to ward off encroachers, alongside a lot of
extension and a beautification of the place.

Col Laryea noted that most of the personnel were going on courses to improve
their skills apart from the normal military career courses.

personnel were recognized for their outstanding performance in the line of

Best Male Worker award went to Moses Kwabla Bleboo, Best Female Worker –
Corporal Shaidatu Zakaria, Best Soldier (Regimental Duties) – Sergeant Leo
Yankey Erzuah, Best Group – Accountant General, Best Civilian Employee – Isaac
Teye and Overall Best Worker – Sergeant Opoku Afriyie respectively.

present at the event was the Deputy Defence Minister – Major Derek Oduro (rtd),
former Deputy Defence Financial Controller – Col Wilberforce Seth Kwaku Agbee
(Rtd), as well as the Guest of Honour and the Defence Financial Comptroller,
Brig Gen DK Amissah and others.

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BY Linda Tenyah-Ayettey