Shatta Wale Defends Kan Dapaah, Here’s How He Reacted To The Video » ™

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Shatta Wale has shared his thoughts on the leaked video of Ghana’s Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah by his side chick that has set the internet ablaze over the last few days.

Several Ghanaian from all walks of life have shared their opinion about the trending issue and Dancehall artist, Shatta Wale does not want the moment to pass by without ‘clearing his throat.’

According to him, the embattled minister did no wrong by obeying the ‘commands’ by his ‘girlfriend’, who was trying to be nice to him in the video call with an agenda behind.

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Shatta Wale disclosed that is how men treat women when they are in love, adding that unless one has not fallen in love before, he will see everything wrong with the ‘love gone wrong’ leaked video.

The Dancehall artist also called out the hypocritical attitude of Ghanaians who indulge in similar acts yet are the ones shouting the loudest for the head of the minister.

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